Worry, Self Doubt, Confusion…
March 14, 2009, 4:09 am
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I start this post in the mindset of confusion, self-consciousness, worry and self doubt. Ultimately several questions are bouncing off the walls of my skull: why should you read this? Why should you care? Why am I writing this? Is anybody ever going to read this? While I may not have all the answers just yet, I may be able to change my own opinion whist changing some of yours. Firstly, I think you should know a little bit about me. In short, I’m a complete weirdo. Not your average everyday kind of weirdo either, As my friends would call me I’m “weird-weird.” While some of you may have friends that are normal-weird or funny-weird, I doubt many of you tolerate those rare few that call themselves “weird-weird.”  I’m the odd girl who can only whistle out of the side of her mouth, that strange creature who is always humming along during movies, and the individual who creates and uses her own language when trying to describe things.  Now you might ask yourself, Why should you trust or listen to what such a strange person has to say? Well get ready because weirdo is going to tell you!

Ever since I was a little girl, I have worshipped everything to do with fashion. I’ve always loved pretty things. It’s part of my personality. The birthday book even says so. (The Birthday book is a famous book in my household. It tells about a person’s traits and personality based on the date they were born. I refer to it on many occasions. Often at times of self doubt and confusion such as this) (side note: Prince William and I share the same birthday–if the rest of the information about myself doesn’t make me feel better, this little fact always does the trick)  Anyways, back to my point I worshipped fashion. I lived for magazines and shopping trips. I think my love of fashion spurred from my mother’s tendency to overshop.  When she was a kid, her mother never let her have anything. She always tells the story of how her mother  never let her own a pair of jeans until she was 18 and they were a pair of painters pants from her uncle)  Thus, because of her parents’ shortcomings as a kid, she overcompensated for her own children.  For the overshopping, I would like to tell my mother that I am eternally grateful because without it I would have never found my true love, FASHION. It’s because of my love affair that I am starting this blog.  While I spend time in Boston getting my business degree, I can pursue my true love fashion.   So to anybody that stumbles upon this humble fashion blog, I promise to discuss all forms of style. I promise to give you my honest opinion. (While I may be weird in other aspects of my life, I’m pretty sure my fashion opinion makes up for it) So, finally with some of the self doubt on my shoulders lifted, let’s get started…because style is everywhere and it should always be talked about.

peace and love,



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