Of the Moment 2…

Ok so here are some more of my current obsessions…as I am still in Nantucket and the sun has yet to come out for more than a few hours…

1st obsession: the new Vogue shoot with Cameron Diaz-June Issue

While the magazine may be a timeless classic, no offense to Anna Wintour, but in recent years it has been severely lacking.  Attempting to bring more culture into the magazine with the addition of articles such as workings of an underrated Soho artist or scientific research on the newest beauty frontier, Vogue has seemed to have strayed from the magazine’s priority–fashion. I think the magazine should leave beauty investigation and artistic reviewing to sister mags and drift back into strictly fashion.  In recessionary times such as these, a girl needs her Vogue to keep level headed (as contradictory as that may sound).  

Enough criticism, In Vogue’s most recent issue, one aspect really stood out in my mind–Cameron Diaz’s photo shoot.  The photographers manage to play up Cameron’s easygoing Californian way of life.  In all of the photographs, Cameron is wearing organic clothing.  The creamy white hues look sensational with her tanned skin and blonde tresses.  The set of the shoot was just as amazing as Cameron Diaz herself.  The Parker hotel in Palm Springs is a place I urge you to visit. I visited the hotel last spring with my mother on our spa trip to the desert. While the place was out of our price range, we managed to venture there for brunch.  Upon entering the lobby, It’s as if every piece of the hotel was hand picked for the location. With retro chic furniture, desert hot heat, and absolute luxury, the hotel should been seen as a hot spot destination for anyone planning a trip to Palm Springs. 


Cameron Diaz in Vogue

Cameron Diaz in Vogue




2nd obsession: Stars wearing Rodarte on the red carpet…

Staying true to my fellow Pasadena natives, I’d like to point out some recent Rodarte sightings.


Emma Watson in London in Rodarte

Emma Watson in London in Rodarte







Kate Bosworth in Rodarte

Kate Bosworth in Rodarte
















3rd Obsession: Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christenson in Paris


Rachel and Hayden

Rachel and Hayden

I’ve always loved Rachel Bilson’s style, but the two of them together? In paris? It’s all just too much.  She’s somehow evolved her style into perfectly Parisian chic.  


4th Obsession: This street style website—PARIS WEBSITE

A few of my favorite people featured…


A sassy parisian

A sassy parisian


A couple with matching long shrugs

A couple with matching long shrugs






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Thanks for posting, I’ll definitely be subscribing to your blog.

Comment by How to Make Thousands of Dollars Posting Links on Google

i am obsessed with emma watson’s dress. lovely post. you have been posting up a storm and they are all very good!!

Comment by dannidupa

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