Stylishly Eccentric?

This past year in my dorm on our cliche door whiteboard,  I would take the time to write daily questions. I know I sound like a dork, but it was a fun way to amuse myself and my fellow floor mates seemed to enjoy them. When the whiteboard wasn’t stolen as it often was by the boys down the hall, the questions generated very interesting results. So here I am, starting my game of questions once again. I’ll do a opinion question–every week. First question–

16749301_001_bWhat do you guys think of Doc Martens? Stylish or Not? 





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the Docs are aight but I bet the boys on your floor were KICKASS!!!

Comment by Squeez-E

No! haha I know you like them, but I just am not feeling them….however, I’m sure Sienna Miller looks hot in them though

Comment by Rebecca

I think they could be stylish, but only when necessary… like during a snowstorm or right after it snows. Much better than a lot of the alternatives. Not cute for the fall though!

Comment by Heidi

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