The September Issue!
September 13, 2009, 7:16 pm
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Ok so I just went with a few friends to see the September Issue. Anna Wintour came across just as cold as I thought she would be.  In my childhood, I always thought I would want to work for a fashion magazine, but fashion in the documentary seemed kind of harsh and very strict.  Vogue, in particular is very streamlined and it’s ultimately what Anna Wintour says goes. Fashion, in the movie didn’t seem very fun.  If anything, what I love about fashion is the fact that it’s so ridiculous.  You can be anyone by putting on a fur coat or an immaculately tailored black dress. It’s ultimately an escape. Vogue’s fashion editor, Grace Coddington creates that escape.  She seemed genuinely amazing at what she does. If anything, rather than watching a documentary about Anna Wintour I would want to watch a documentary about Grace. So for future movie goers, I would say definitely see the September Issue.  Now every time I flip through the pages of the newest issue of Vogue, I know all the work that went into creating the so called fashion “bible.”



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the first picture looks exactly like me after i blow dry my hair. just sayin’…..

Comment by Squeez-E

One of the major players who gave the movie substance and heart was Grace Coddington, the creative director. A forty-year veteran of the magazine industry, she’s Anna Wintour’s contemporary, and one of the few people shown doing anything but agreeing wholeheartedly with Anna. She has Anna’s ear, up to a point. But she also has her own aesthetic for the magazine. —Read the full review at—

Comment by Brandon

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