Be a Wild Thing… to the MAX!

This year for Halloween, instead of opting for the traditional college slutty girl costume I was going to go for something original, something of-the-moment, something fun…I was going to be Max from Where the Wild Things Are! I thought I’d find that perfect onesie (who knows where!), a cute little gold crown and I’d make a pair of ears. After looking at one of my favorite fashion inspiration (I say, inspiration because rarely can I ever afford anything in the store) websites, Opening Ceremony I found my costume! Spike Jonze (director of the movie) teamed up with Opening Ceremony (the clothing store) to create a Where the Wild Things Are collection. I was elated! I’ve loved the book ever since I was a little kid and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the fur onesie the models on the website were sporting! One problem: the onesie is $610!!! I’m sorry, I know Opening Ceremony is expensive, but $610 for a onesie! That’s ridiculous! The entire collection is adorable (all the fur is fake, too!), but there is no way I would ever pay that much for something I would wear on only a few occasions.   



Anyways, moral of the story…1) See Where the Wild Things Are in theaters October 16th, 2) Make sure to listen to Wake Up by Arcade Fire nonstop before the film comes out and 3) If you’re planning on being Max for Halloween go to Joanne’s fabric store and make your own damn onesie! 




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