Fashionista Fridays…

Random friday ramblings because by Thursday, I can’t really think about anything but the weekend…

Great Picture of John and Jackie…I love the old film style…

John and Jackie...nuff said


Rock some fur this week! Winter is approaching!


Check out Cole Rise photography! Awesome pictures of this guy and his travels!

Cole Rise Photography


I have an idea! POLAROIDS!

Can’t waitt to get my polaroid camera from home! If you guys don’t know already, Urban Outfitters has started selling the once thought to be discontinued film again! I’m super excited to make a polaroid collage of all of my friends!


Love the editorial from Wild Fox Couture! The new line is adorable!


This picture is truly unbelievable


The Girls from Clueless

My apartment is throwing a “used to be cool” party this weekend…and I’m like totally rocking the knee high socks, headband and plaid jumper dress.

Some Quotes to leave you with for the weekenddd–

“Creativity takes Courage.”

-Henri Matisse

“I love sleep. My life has the tendency to fall apart when I’m awake, You know?”

-Ernest Hemmingway



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this is a random collection of things, but I looove them all!

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