Fridays will continue with randomness..

Anybody see Joseph Gordon Levitt on SNL? I thought
he was very strange... but I loved him in 500 Days of Summer!
Beautiful blog:'m obsessed with
the simplistic layout...not to mention the girl
has awesome pictures!
I'm currently obsessed with single braids...Anyone see
the Sonia Rykel show in Paris? The models had
awesome braids in their hair.
Commes de Garcons high tops! I love them.
My friend Annastasia has a little black
cardigan with the same image. So cute!
I've been having intense chocolate cravings recently.
One of my roommates used to claim she was addicted to
chocolate to the extent that she would go through withdrawals.
I'm notsure if that can happen, but sometimes it feels
pretty plausible.

Big greenhouses! When I'm older, I want lots of gardens
and greenhouses to just walk through while wearing
beautiful gowns.

Alice and Wonderland photoshoots with Natalia Vodianova...
" The only thing better than a beautiful dream 
is a beautiful reality"



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joseph gordon levitt is my FAVORITE and he was amazing on SNL! he’s in a spread in GQ this month, and looks gorgeous you should go get it, I already did ha

Comment by Marissa

I love him as well! he’s just too adorable! …why are your captions cutting off?

Comment by Rebecca

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