Fabulous Find-leather gloves!
October 13, 2009, 3:59 pm
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I just went thrift shopping this weekend and found the most amazing pair of leather gloves! Check them out for yourself as my friend Caitlin models them…



Retro luggage:!

After falling in love with my mom’s old brown leather backpack (I blogged about it this summer with pictures), I’ve been trying to look for a messenger bag with a same type of soft buttery brown leather. I’ve looked everywhere and never seemed to find the perfect cheap functional style. Finally, I’ve found it! Although the company is from the UK, I think it still might be worth ordering from, despite shipping costs. Scaramanga sells vintage/retro leather travel bags. The company was established in 2006 in Fife, Scotland. Here are pictures of several types of bags the company makes….I’m a sucker for beautiful leatherr



Be a Wild Thing… to the MAX!

This year for Halloween, instead of opting for the traditional college slutty girl costume I was going to go for something original, something of-the-moment, something fun…I was going to be Max from Where the Wild Things Are! I thought I’d find that perfect onesie (who knows where!), a cute little gold crown and I’d make a pair of ears. After looking at one of my favorite fashion inspiration (I say, inspiration because rarely can I ever afford anything in the store) websites, Opening Ceremony I found my costume! Spike Jonze (director of the movie) teamed up with Opening Ceremony (the clothing store) to create a Where the Wild Things Are collection. I was elated! I’ve loved the book ever since I was a little kid and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the fur onesie the models on the website were sporting! One problem: the onesie is $610!!! I’m sorry, I know Opening Ceremony is expensive, but $610 for a onesie! That’s ridiculous! The entire collection is adorable (all the fur is fake, too!), but there is no way I would ever pay that much for something I would wear on only a few occasions.   



Anyways, moral of the story…1) See Where the Wild Things Are in theaters October 16th, 2) Make sure to listen to Wake Up by Arcade Fire nonstop before the film comes out and 3) If you’re planning on being Max for Halloween go to Joanne’s fabric store and make your own damn onesie! 



If you’re going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some dandelions in your hair…
August 15, 2009, 3:52 am
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After a long six hour drive of missing important freeway exits, slowing down at the smallest whimper of my radar detector, and obsessively sipping my caramel frappacino, I’m finally back from San Francisco! I had an amazing weekend with my girls! Here are some great pictures of some shopping we did along the way that I’d love to share with you! 

IMG_0401First of all, How amazing are these shoes?! My friend Becca bought them on Haight street. After flipping through Elle Magazine (the September Issue), Becca decided that she needed some purple suede heels as soon as possible. On Haight St. in Ambiance, we found this gorgeous pair. Now they may look expensive, but they were only $38!!! They’re by Anne Michelle. I think they’re just perfect for Fall. With a pair of knee high stockings and a cute mini, they would be adorable! 

Becca pairs her shoes with a cream colored blouse and a black skirt both from H&M

Becca pairs her shoes with a cream colored blouse and a black skirt both from H&M


On Haight, I made a few finds of my own. In my favorite store, Wasteland I found a Yves Saint Laurent variation jacket. It’s a really beautiful peacoat with slightly puffy sleeves. When I bought the jacket, the guy who rung me up told me that the variation collection is the funkier/less old lady side of YSL. The variation side is younger and more fun to wear. You can find more YSL variation on Ebay. I especially love the buttons on the jacket. I bought the jacket for $68. 


not the best picture

not the best picture


I also found really great stuff at H&M. Is it me or has the store gotten significantly more expensive? Still cute…but isn’t H&M supposed to be relatively cheap way to sport trends? I bought a great purple velvet shift dress. (An awesome way to rock the velvet trend I have previously blogged about!) I can’t wait to find boots to pair the dress with! 

Later in the week, My friends and I went to Anthropologie. Let’s just say we did some damage this weekend. Heidi and Becca both walked away with really cute finds at Anthro. Becca found this great yellow cropped jacket. Her style is very old-fashioned so this fits her perfectly! 



Becca in her new jacket!

Becca in her new jacket!

Heidi found a very pretty skirt on sale at Anthro. 


Heidi's skirt

Heidi's skirt


Becca and Heidi in their new clothes

Becca and Heidi in their new clothes

Photos: taken with my new camera! 

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If you’re going to San Francisco…



As the song goes “if you’re going to San Francisco be sure to wear a flower in your hair,” along with that flower you should take with you some shopping sense.  That’s what I’m here for!  While I’m not exactly a born and raised San Franciscan, I have managed to visit the place several times.  My best friend takes up residence in SF and I’ve been visiting her there ever since I was sixteen.  And how do you think we spend our time in San Francisco? Well apart from eating at the amazing restaurants (ahem..Rotee (indian food is to die for!), we shop!  So if anything I know something about shopping in SF.   I’ll give you some ideas about places you just must visit to find the best vintage/thrift items.  I just spent this past weekend in the city.  I hadn’t been in over a year and I forgot how great the thrift shopping is. My friend lives just a few blocks away from Haight St. The famous district Haight/Ashbury is known for it’s 1960s hippie/beat generation influence. The American hippies took residence in the Haight during the Summer of Love (1967) and the district has become synonymous with 1960s ever since.  Haight street is lined with some of the best shopping in San Francisco. The first store I highly recommend you visit is Wasteland.  sf_wastelandAt Wasteland, you can find everything from designer vintage pieces like old Marc Jacobs/Celine blouses to trendy black/white basics from unknown designers.  The best part about Wasteland is that it is relatively inexpensive.  During my last visit, I bought a beautiful black linen sleeveless blouse for $26!  If you can’t make it to San Francisco, Wasteland has two other locations one on Melrose in LA and one opening in Burbank, CA. 

Another store in the Haight you should visit is Crossroads Trading Co.  Crossroads is a lot like Wasteland in it’s thrift mentality.  Crossroads has a great selection of designer jeans.  They have brands from True Religion, J Brand to Levis.  They also buy back your used clothes so they can resell them! Other great thrift stores you should be sure to visit in the district are Buffalo Exchange and Goodwill. I know you probably shuddered when I said Goodwill, but the Goodwill on Haight is different.  I personally think that Goodwill’s can either be really great or really gross. It depends on the day and the amount of time they spend sorting the clothes that come in. At this Goodwill, I managed to find a great gold chain belt for only $8!


After all of this thrift shopping, you might get a little tired. Digging through racks and racks of already worn clothing can be tedious, but once you find something you love it’s so worth it! To serve as a little pick me up, you should visit Iris on Haight St.  Iris is a very expensive underwear boutique. I know that some people may find it silly to spend lots of money on underwear, but trust me when you buy a pair of Hanky Panky panties you won’t regret it! The underwear comes in one size fits all with a variety of colors and styles. They are the most comfortable thongs ever! At $16 a pair, they’re not exactly affordable, but with just one pair in your wardrobe, you’ll see what I’m talking about.  If only we could all wear Hanky Panky all the time.