How AHHH-Mazing are the shoes posted on knightcat today?!
October 6, 2009, 1:03 pm
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i4mexcLIKE SERIOUSLY! Incredible!!!

They’re by Tanja’s London




Summer Platforms

Sandals and wedges, so last year! This summer it’s all about Woven platforms. Here are some of our favorite celebrities wearing the latest trend in summer shoes…


Ashley leaving Barneys in a pair of Henry Cuir Wooven slides

Ashley leaving Barneys in a pair of Henry Cuir Woven slides


Sienna Miller leaving Cafe de Paris in London in Alejandro Ingelmo Woven platform slingbacks

Sienna Miller leaving Cafe de Paris in London in Alejandro Ingelmo Woven platform slingbacks

Pedro Garcia shoes
June 22, 2009, 1:11 pm
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I’ve always loved shoes by Pedro Garcia. While his shoes may be expensive, they are unlike any other brand out there.  Their innovative design somehow manages to be comfortable and sexy.  I first found out about these shoes from my roommate at boarding school and then just yesterday, my mother showed me a pair she just purchased in Las Vegas.  Flats, high heels or espadrilles Pedro Garcia has been manufacturing shoes for 75 years. Now I may have started loving Pedro Garcia shoes on the feet of others, but I feel I could only truly worship them if they were on my own two feet! Here are some of his divine designs…0403211674525R_300x400












































Shoes for purchase can be found on or

Help kids, Buy Shoes!
May 31, 2009, 4:26 pm
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With bicycles as our only form of transportation on Nantucket, shoes quickly became an issue.  I needed a flexible, stylish, comfortable slip on.  A pair that wouldn’t get caught in the pedals.  A pair that can be easily cleaned.  A pair that looks casually stylish for job interviews. After online shopping, I quickly vetoed several forms of sneakers–while nikes may be colorfully hip, they aren’t appropriate for job searching. While Jack Purcell converse may have that classic nantucket prep feel, the laces just aren’t practical for summer days at the beach.  While keds may have that summer association, they would dirty too easily. After days of searching, I finally found the perfect pair, Toms.333-1019B09-UNNvY-H They come in several stylish colors of canvas. They’re extremely easy to slip on and off. And they’re perfectly appropriate for job searching. Plus, if you buy a pair of Toms a second pair is shipped to a child who can’t afford shoes.  Are you kidding me? All I have to do to help impoverished children is buy shoes?! When I heard this, I was hooked.  I ordered my Toms right away!  Check them out for yourself at  Don’t forget to look at their wrap boots! Such a cool idea!