Experienced Clothing and Vintage Vogue

After stumbling into a little thrift shop near Harvard Square this Saturday, I’ve realized just how much I love “experienced” clothing. I love the stories unique pieces can tell. Forget brand new manufactured dresses that came straight from a warehouse, give me a hand sewn vintage 25 dollar shift dress any day! Vintage clothing is greatt—but there are times when even Goodwill is out of our price range.  To satisfy our need for fashion with little history, we can look at pictures from vintage Vogue!

Check out–



Audrey Hepburn vintage Vogue



Harper's Bizarre 1950s


Janet Lee











Fabulous Find-leather gloves!
October 13, 2009, 3:59 pm
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I just went thrift shopping this weekend and found the most amazing pair of leather gloves! Check them out for yourself as my friend Caitlin models them…


If you’re going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some dandelions in your hair…
August 15, 2009, 3:52 am
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After a long six hour drive of missing important freeway exits, slowing down at the smallest whimper of my radar detector, and obsessively sipping my caramel frappacino, I’m finally back from San Francisco! I had an amazing weekend with my girls! Here are some great pictures of some shopping we did along the way that I’d love to share with you! 

IMG_0401First of all, How amazing are these shoes?! My friend Becca bought them on Haight street. After flipping through Elle Magazine (the September Issue), Becca decided that she needed some purple suede heels as soon as possible. On Haight St. in Ambiance, we found this gorgeous pair. Now they may look expensive, but they were only $38!!! They’re by Anne Michelle. I think they’re just perfect for Fall. With a pair of knee high stockings and a cute mini, they would be adorable! 

Becca pairs her shoes with a cream colored blouse and a black skirt both from H&M

Becca pairs her shoes with a cream colored blouse and a black skirt both from H&M


On Haight, I made a few finds of my own. In my favorite store, Wasteland I found a Yves Saint Laurent variation jacket. It’s a really beautiful peacoat with slightly puffy sleeves. When I bought the jacket, the guy who rung me up told me that the variation collection is the funkier/less old lady side of YSL. The variation side is younger and more fun to wear. You can find more YSL variation on Ebay. I especially love the buttons on the jacket. I bought the jacket for $68. 


not the best picture

not the best picture


I also found really great stuff at H&M. Is it me or has the store gotten significantly more expensive? Still cute…but isn’t H&M supposed to be relatively cheap way to sport trends? I bought a great purple velvet shift dress. (An awesome way to rock the velvet trend I have previously blogged about!) I can’t wait to find boots to pair the dress with! 

Later in the week, My friends and I went to Anthropologie. Let’s just say we did some damage this weekend. Heidi and Becca both walked away with really cute finds at Anthro. Becca found this great yellow cropped jacket. Her style is very old-fashioned so this fits her perfectly! 



Becca in her new jacket!

Becca in her new jacket!

Heidi found a very pretty skirt on sale at Anthro. 


Heidi's skirt

Heidi's skirt


Becca and Heidi in their new clothes

Becca and Heidi in their new clothes

Photos: taken with my new camera! 

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