Experienced Clothing and Vintage Vogue

After stumbling into a little thrift shop near Harvard Square this Saturday, I’ve realized just how much I love “experienced” clothing. I love the stories unique pieces can tell. Forget brand new manufactured dresses that came straight from a warehouse, give me a hand sewn vintage 25 dollar shift dress any day! Vintage clothing is greatt—but there are times when even Goodwill is out of our price range.  To satisfy our need for fashion with little history, we can look at pictures from vintage Vogue!

Check out–



Audrey Hepburn vintage Vogue



Harper's Bizarre 1950s


Janet Lee











Modern Girls and Old Fashioned woMen

I’ve never been one to obsess about the past.  When it comes to fashion, I always think of springing forward. I like to sport the occasional trend because I do follow fashion on the runways to a certain extent. I tend to veer away from traditional classic pieces and go for the edgier ones. For Halloween, this year I think I’m going to be an old fashioned pin up girl a la Betty Page (though, not quite as scandalous). I want the fish nets, the garter, the red lipstick and the pinned pack curls.  In the spirit of these glamorous 1950’s women, here’s an editorial from Vogue Italia because sometimes reverting to the classics can be a good thing.


Photographed by Steven Meseil

Modeled by Viktoriya sasonkina


Retro luggage:!

After falling in love with my mom’s old brown leather backpack (I blogged about it this summer with pictures), I’ve been trying to look for a messenger bag with a same type of soft buttery brown leather. I’ve looked everywhere and never seemed to find the perfect cheap functional style. Finally, I’ve found it! Although the company is from the UK, I think it still might be worth ordering from, despite shipping costs. Scaramanga sells vintage/retro leather travel bags. The company was established in 2006 in Fife, Scotland. Here are pictures of several types of bags the company makes….I’m a sucker for beautiful leatherr